No Women Host for Late Late Show

No Women Host for Late Late Show

When Craig Ferguson ends his nearly 10-year reign as Late Late Show host at the end of December, a roster of guest hosts will sit behind the Scottish comedian’s vacated desk until James Corden officially takes over. Drew Carey will host first between Jan. 5 and Jan. 9 and again between March 2 and March 6.

Judd Apatow, Jim Gaffigan, Wayne Brady, Will Arnett, Thomas Lennon, Kunal Nayyar, Billy Gardell, Sean Hayes and Mayer will also fill in, though a schedule hasn’t been disclosed. For the most part, CBS’ choices make a lot of sense.

The distinct lack of women is really obvious though.
“Ok CBS. Fine. Don’t ask any women to host a late night show for ONE hour,” comedian Sara Schaefer tweeted to her 53,000 followers. “But to let JOHN MAYER do it? You’re just trolling us at this point.”

"There won't be any female representation in CBS late night."
To be fair, there is a week scheduled when the women of the Talk will produce all-new shows for the 12:35 a.m. slot, but the network apparently couldn't be bothered to find a woman to host the Late Late Show solo.

After Ferguson announced he was leaving, many were hoping CBS would choose a woman of late night. But obviously they did not. Instead, they went with a largely unknown British male Corden, a decision that only keeps the patriarchy of late night in place.
And apparently, CBS likes it that way. Comedian Kathy Griffin said the network was "not considering females" for Ferguson's old slot, a claim CBS denies.

"We could be looking at 40 or 50 years until a woman is hosting a network late-night talker," Griffin told the Associated Press. Sadly, sounds like she's right.