Quirky Comic Sam Simmons Wins 2015 Barry Award at Melbourne Comedy Festival

Quirky Comic Sam Simmons Wins 2015 Barry Award at Melbourne Comedy Festival

 Considered one of Australia’s quirkiest comedians, Sam Simmons has just been named the winner of this year’s Barry Award for best show of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. 

The event which was held at the Hi-Fi bar on Saturday night saw Simmons, who has gain lots of popularity thanks to his surreal comedy, was very emotional after receiving the award.

“I always thought I was just too weird,” he said after he had accepted the award. “I didn't expect it at all . . . and it is a big thing in your little heart hole, being so weird for so many years and then someone says 'That's good, do that more'.”

Simmons also pointed out the fact that when he was small, 12-years ago, he was being called too weird. In addition to that Simmons also acknowledged that his jokes are not necessarily for everyone.

“Still to this day, I get walkouts. Tonight I had a walkout . . . you can't please everyone, and that's a good thing."

While describing Simmons winning show, Spaghetti for Breakfast, the editor of The Age Arts said that how the whole project was putted together is fascinating inside the performer's head.

There are dark elements deftly woven between the laugh-out-loud moments that have a lasting, unexpectedly shocking effect," she wrote in her review.

Other winners of the night included Corey White who took home the award for best new comer. Born to a mother who was addicted to heroin and a violent father who was alcoholic, Corey White managed to turn his tough childhood into an inspiring work of comedy that everyone marvels about. -addicted