Carol Burnett receives honor at SAG Awards

Carol Burnett receives honor at SAG Awards

Carol Burnett was honored by being presented with the Life Achievement Award at the recent SAG Awards. This award is very prestigious and goes only to the nominees who not only have had an exemplified career, but who have equally excelled in their humanitarian efforts. 

Carol is now 82 years old and has had a longstanding career spanning for more than 50 years! She is best known for her long running show ‘The Carol Burnett Show’. She has a very distinctive voice, has a great sense of timing, and is known to be a great businesswoman, even at a time when show business was a male-dominated career.

The award was presented by the funny girls, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. It was very interesting the way they presented it to her with Tina joking that since Carol is better than all of us, she gets a prize for it! Both Tina and Amy admitted looking up at Carol as a role model when they were growing up. They also joked, saying that when girls grow up with their mothers, 90% of their development was influenced by their mothers and the other 10% was Carol.

In her acceptance speech, she fondly remembered how she used to save pennies to go watch movies, and then run back home to rehearse what she saw with her friends. It certainly set the stage for what she later did in her life - acting. She even remembered how she was denied comic roles as they were predominantly given to men. In the end, she thanked everyone she worked with and gave the credit to people who made it happen for her.

Carol is known for her recent guest roles in Glee, and Hot in Cleveland.